Electric switchboards

Elettra offers customized and innovative industrial automation systems for medium and large companies. Our engineering team designs and develops high-tech automation solutions able to satisfy all the customer project’s requirements.

All the electric switchboards are made in our headquarters in Loreggia, in order to provide to the customer a completely made in Italy product. Our strong point is to ensure rapid construction and delivery times: the organization of the work is appropriate to achieve the objectives in time. The development of switchboards, the data used for monitoring, parameterisation and diagnosis of the inverters and the explanation regarding their functioning are made by our staff in Italy or abroad.

Our company manufactures the following types of electrical switchboards:

  • Low voltage electrical switchboards for motive force and industrial plants light systems
  • Medium voltage electrical switchboards for cabins, stations, substations and grids
  • Explosion proof switchboards
  • Automation switchboards for food industries
  • Automation switchboards for inert sorting and concrete plants
  • Automation switchboards for steel industries
  • Automation switchboards for cereal storage
  • Automation switchboards for chemical processes
  • Automation switchboards for poultry industry
  • Automation switchboards for egg collection
  • Electric switchboards for biomass or biogas plants
  • Control systems for industrial processes with Programmable Controller
  • On-board machine systems for the processes indicated.

  • Centralino quadro elettrico
  • Dettaglio interno quadro elettrico
  • Dettaglio interruttore quadro elettrico
  • Dettaglio quadro elettrico generale
  • Interno quadro elettrico generale
  • Interno quadro elettrico generale1
  • Interno quadro elettrico generale2
  • Interno quadro elettrico
  • Interrutore interno quadro elettrico
  • Interruttore quadro elettrico
  • Interruttori quadro elettrico
  • Quadro elettrico comando
  • Quadro elettrico generale
  • Quadro elettrico incasso
  • Scheletro quadro elettrico


Legal headquarters: Piazza Serenissima 60, 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Operational headquarters : Via dell'Artigianato 23, Loreggia (PD)
E-mail : info@elettra.com
Telephone : 049 9302168/69
Fax : 049 9302170


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